Bring on the Sunshine!

Posted by rebecca on Dec 2, 2013, 5:45 PM


Carbon footprints affect us all and we are no exception. As an energy intensive business, we are always looking at ways in which we can be more efficient and investigate opportunities to make energy cost savings.

We consulted with Warrington-based local energy efficiency specialists Renewables 4 Business. It was soon apparent that our roof elevations harnessed great potential for solar PV and a 120 panel system was proposed totalling a 30kWp output.

The system was installed and working quickly and after a couple of months we are delighted with the outcome. Like many farmers, we have buildings that have the option of using solar PV to generate electricity. The Renewables 4 Business team carried out a thorough survey of our structures, making sure they were of suitable strength to carry the panelling proposed. Crucially, Massey Feeds can look forward to cost savings, both immediate and in the longer term.

Gary Brandwood at Renewables 4 Business is excited about the role the agricultural sector will play in renewable energy generation: ‘The farming community is very well-placed to take advantage of the subsidies that are available for renewable energies such as Solar PV and Biomass boilers. There is a growing trend showing that the use of renewable energy, solar PV in particular, will have a major role to play in agriculture in the 21st century.”

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