Cow Signals

Posted by rebecca on May 20, 2013, 4:37 PM

When your cows are out at grass this Summer, it will pay to spend a little bit more time watching them. In particular, watch their behaviour and interaction with each other.

They will be showing you the “Six Freedoms of the Pasture”: Rest and comfort, Light, Fresh air, Lots of space, Food available all day, Water


What are all the cows doing in the picture above? What are they all doing in the one below, an hour later?


To find out more, we will be holding a series of Cow Signals Training days in the early Autumn, across the region. The training days will be run by our own David Wilde, who is a Certified Cow Signals Trainer.

If you are interested in attending, or hosting, one of these crucial events, please let your local area manager know or call David on 07793 835173 or email:

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