Feeding The Correct Cows Correctly

Posted by rebecca on Oct 30, 2012, 4:12 PM

In October 2011, John & Mandy Hartley of Stamford Farm, Altrincham, installed some out of parlour feeders to help target feed cows individually and more accurately according to yield. After several farm visits to look at different units they decided to install a 3 stall AEG system.

That same winter, John Norbury of Massey Feeds, tested the silage using the in-house FAA approved NIR system and the results showed that the silage was low in MPE (“useable” protein that drives milk production). Mr Norbury recommended including FiMLAC En3 (a bespoke fish oil rich energy supplement) into the FiMLAC nuts that were being fed through the out of parlour feeders.

12 months later, Mandy commented that they had seen a reduction in feed usage whilst milk production had increased by around 3 litres per cow per day. Since the inclusion of the FiMLAC En3 along with the unique FiMLAC mineral package in the dairy nuts, John & Mandy said “that they had seen a great improvement in fertility” with John commenting “that cows were coming bulling like trains!” Mandy remarked “We have noticed an overall improvement in the herd”

Some Early Visitors

On the same visit John Norbury noticed some early visitors on the farm with 4 of Mandy’s pedigree Suffolk sheep had lambed in the middle of November with 2 healthy singles and twins.

This happened when a ram lamb with extra testosterone visited the unsuspecting ewes.

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