FiMLAC dairy range gets new premix

Posted by rebecca on Jul 4, 2016, 11:59 AM

Alan Webster, Massey Feeds Ruminant Technical and Commercial Manager explains why our FiMLAC dairy range provides even better mineral nutrition for dairy cows.

Minerals are essential for milk production, health and reproduction. Diets need to provide adequate levels of minerals in the most effective form if cows are to perform cost-effectively.

To help achieve this we constantly review the formulation of all our premixes. We have taken delivery of the first consignment of our new FiMLAC Dairy Premix and feeds including the new formulation are now being used on farm.

We have included the vitamin Biotin as standard in all FiMLAC dairy products. Biotin is an essential vitamin needed for energy metabolism and hoof health. When there is a deficiency it can show itself as soft hooves and can cause white line separation. Lameness issues are not helped by shear forces, particularly when cows are required to turn sharp corners or backing off rotary parlours. Research trials in Germany and Italy have also shown Biotin can reduce cases of Digital Dermatitis and shorten the calving to conception interval.

Supplementation is needed

Biotin is produced naturally in the rumen where there is a high proportion of forage. As the level of forage decreases, or when there is a high level of starch or sugars in the ration, or even low levels of slower fermenting fibre, production is reduced and so additional biotin may be needed. Trials have shown that supplementing dairy cows with 10-20mg per day can help reduce the incidence of lameness and also improve energy metabolism.

At Massey Feeds, we are keen to ensure that we include the correct levels in your feeds and feeding 4-8kg per day of a FiMLAC Dairy Nut will help meet the cows’ requirements.

Immune systems

Don’t forget that the FiMLAC mineral pack also contains the optimum amount of Bioplex Zinc based on trial work carried out at Harper Adams University, where they saw increased milk yields. Sel-Plex is also the sole source of selenium.A key nutrient in the cow’s immune system, levels of milk selenium can be used as a good measure of the herd’s overall heath and selenium status. In work carried out by Massey Feeds, herds using the FiMLAC mineral pack had more than 50% extra selenium in the milk than herds using non organic minerals.

Faced with tough economic times, we feel it is essential to ensure a healthy animal by boosting the immune system, so helping reduce foot problems and making cost savings by not treating them.

We are also pleased with the uptake of our new product FiMLAC ProGraze feed so far this spring which is formulated to get the most from grazed grass, while delivering the benefits of the improved FiMLAC mineral pack.

For more information please contact you Massey Feeds Area Manager.

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