Quality pays when creep feeding lambs

Posted by rebecca on Apr 11, 2017, 4:55 PM

If you have limited grazing or poor quality silage and want to market your lambs sooner, then creep feeding might be the right option for you. Creep fed lambs will finish sooner and will take advantage of the better prices that may be available from early marketing.
If creep feeding lambs it pays to use a quality creep feed as it will be formulated to meet the requirements of lambs and exploit their growth potential. A quality lamb feed costing £250/t and giving a 5:1 Feed Conversion Efficiency (FCE) will cost £1.25/kg liveweight gain compared to a cheaper feed costing £200/t but with an 8:1 FCE, which will cost £1.60/kg
liveweight gain.
Because young lambs convert feed more efficiently, an early introduction will be more cost effective. If offered ad-lib with good grass a lamb should be expected to eat 35- 40kg by the time of sale.
A note of caution however. If creep is fed to older lambs it must be introduced gradually
to avoid gorging and dietary upset. Massey Feeds have two pelleted products and a Harvest Mix (Blend) which will help ensure lambs grow quickly and cost effectively:
Lamb Creep Pellets - Designed to encourage early intakes of dry feed with adequate starch to help promote rumen development. Good rumen development will encourage earlier weaning and rapid growth. Includes Bio-Mos to maintain a healthy digestive tract and lower the incidence of nutritional disorders.
Hi Gain Lamb Pellets - The perfect follow-on ration to Massey Lamb Creep Pellets for fast finishing lambs. Can also be offered from birth to finish as a ‘one-ration fits-all’.
Harvest Lamb Mix- A blend of quality raw materials to promote fast lamb finishing.
On receipt of a veterinary prescription we can supply Lamb pellets medicated with
1.67 Deccox to help prevent coccidiosis. All our lamb feeds contain a fully balanced
mineral package using the organic form of selenium (Sel-Plex) and zinc (Zinc Bioplex). Ammonium Chloride is also added to help prevent Urinary Calculi.

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